Sunday, February 26, 2017


Some conservative types say the Oscars should be boycotted because dimwitted Hollywood types will spend all night attacking Trump. But in my case, is it really a boycott if I never intended to watch? I watch movies, but I don't watch movie award shows. Let's put it in terms of sports. I watch sports, but I think the Espys awards show is the stupidest thing ever. Brady is great, not because he got voted as MVP or All-Pro or Espy winner X number of times, but because he has won more games and Super Bowls than any quarterback ever. No one got to vote on that. An actor isn't great because they won an Oscar, they are great because of their work. I mean, William Shatner has never won an Oscar. C'mon!

Monday, February 20, 2017

What were they thinking?

One of the great things about living in flyover country is most of the left-wing nuts live on the coasts, and the right-wing nuts who live here are mostly harmless. But every once in a while, Progressives discover a cause that brings them in contact with the middle of America.

Such was the case with the Dakota Access pipeline. Despite the fact that it isn't much different than hundreds of pipelines that already exist, its construction in North Dakota became a cause celebre. Leo flew in on his private jet that apparently runs on sunbeams, not the oil that is the reason the pipeline is being built. The Green Party presidential candidate got in the act by publicly committing vandalism. Up to 4,000 people camped at the remote site for six months.

Now as we approach spring, the Corps of Engineers, the county, and the Standing Rock tribe are frantically trying to clean up the site before spring floods wash months of excrement and garbage into the Missouri River, polluting the very water supply that the protesters claimed they wanted to protect.

What were these activists thinking when they encouraged thousands of people to join them in a desolate area miles from the nearest toilet and stay there for months? The answer is, they weren't thinking. They were just going around protesting and being outraged and never once considering that they are ridiculous hypocrites causing the type of environmental disaster they claimed to be against.