Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pandering to the Right

Out of the blue, Donald tweeted that flag burners should be punished with a year in jail or loss of citizenship. Why he's bringing up this issue now is questionable. Is he trying to put Progressives on the defensive, forcing them to defend flag burning? Or is he just pandering and trying to show conservatives how tough he is? As is often the case, Donald is on shaky legal ground. First, the Supreme Court has ruled that flag burning is a form of free speech protected by the First Amendment. Second, as Andrew Napolitano has pointed out, citizenship cannot be taken from a natural-born citizen, and can only be stripped from naturalized citizens in very rare instances. I thought Kellyanne Conway took away Donald's Twitter account during the campaign to shut down the stupid tweet pipeline. Apparently it's back in production.

When I was young, it seemed as though the Constitution was something that had always existed and therefore always would exist. Recently it occurred to me that 25% of American history has occurred since my birth. This demonstrates that the guarantee of free speech really hasn't existed for very long on the cosmic scale of things, and it should not be taken for granted. The First Amendment and the other rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution need to be protected constantly from the control freaks at both ends of the political spectrum.

The country is not the flag. The country is the people who consent to be a part of it. Soldiers don't put their lives on the line to protect a symbol, no matter how powerful; they do it to protect the people who live in the country represented by that symbol. People have Constitutional protection, symbols do not.

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