Saturday, November 19, 2016

Inappropriate Glee in the Anguish of Snowflakes

I did not vote for Donald and fear that he will be a disaster in office. But I take inappropriate glee in the reaction of condescending Progressives and their Snowflake Millennial minions. They just can't understand how 67 million people (Trump+Johnson) voted against their plans for a Socialist utopia and its divisive foundation of identity politics and class warfare. They can't believe that those stupid hillbillies in flyover country, who are forced to pay the bills but get little benefit from their "contributions," lied to the pollsters and repudiated them in the voting booth. Deplorable!

One remark I heard on TV this week was that Donald entered the presidential race just to get some free publicity for a few months and was surprised as anyone when he started winning primaries. Seeing him visit the White House for the first time after his win seemed to show that the egomaniac has a humble side. Some interpreted his reaction as a realization that he was in over his head.

But, removing all possibility that he was going to surrender to the anarchists who are demanding...something, not sure what, but they are very strident about it...Donald spent the next few days making personnel announcements that pissed off and/or scared the pantsuits off everyone who voted for Hillary. The choice of Sen. Sessions for Attorney General was a particular poke in the eye. The mere recitation of his full name, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, sounds like a return to Jim Crow. The only thing I've heard in his favor is that Sen. Elizabeth Warren has demanded that his nomination be retracted. Socialists sure like to demand things, don't they? The irony is that it will be easy to get Sessions confirmed by the Senate due to rules changes passed by the Democrats to jam through Obama's nominees.

Hillary got 48% of the popular vote, a plurality but NOT a majority. If you boot California out of the Union (please), Donald got a plurality. So Donald has support from most of the country, but I wonder about the depth of that support if he continues down what appears to be a hard right path charted these first few days.

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