Saturday, November 26, 2016

Death of a Dictator

A word of advice to Colin Kaepernick: If you want to be credible when you speak out against oppression, don't put yourself in the position of attacking some oppressors by defending others, namely the murderous dictator Fidel Castro. Shortly before the death of Fidel this week, Kaepernick did just that. Your praise of an oppressive regime suggests that your stance is contrived and political rather than heartfelt and humanitarian. Yes, Cuba has lots of schools and hospitals, but as you visit South Florida this weekend, there are hundreds of thousands of Cubans who would be happy to share their experiences under Fidel's evil dictatorship if you would just care to listen. The world is a better place today now that Fidel is dead.

Update: The Miami linebacker who stuffed Kaepernick on the last play of Sunday's game happens to be the son of a Cuban father. Kiko Alonso spoke for most Cuban-Americans when he said he felt some "bad blood" going into the game. Kaepernick's comments after the game were muddled as he tried to play both sides, continuing to praise the totalitarian Cuban system but claiming that didn't mean he supported the oppression that is integral to Castro's creation.

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